Top Haikus of 2015

A haiku is a type of traditional Japanese poetry that is written in 17-syllable verse form arranged in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

I write a lot of them.  If we’ve met, I’ve written one about you.

Here are some of my favorites from 2015.


Be soft, but not weak/The world will seek to harden/The gentlest of souls.

You don’t get to choose/What it is you truly feel/But how you feel it.

Today I have found/There is no beautiful way/To say a goodbye.

Do you understand/The way the light in your eyes/Flickers in my chest?

Your lips are glass shards/Do you like the taste of blood?/You kiss so roughly.

This is no poem/There is no elegant way/To say you’re an ass.

When I gasp for air/Your breath twists into my mouth/Sweet inhalation.

I’d love to explore/The topography of you/The map of your skin.

I’m always surprised/By the gentle way you can/Be my undoing.

I wish I could peel/The parts of my skin you kissed/Off my aching bones.

I want to press you/Like flowers in the pages/Of the book we shared.

Dandelion eyes/Your eyelashes likes soft weeds/Let me wish on them.

Your eyes are autumn/Your snowy skin winter, but/Your bright eyes are spring.

You say you want space/Yet you dodge my starry eyes/And milky way skin.



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